The modern PSS is one which carefully bridges the gap between industry norms, and the latest technologies and software innovations. With the vision of creating a new breed of aviation IT systems, the team behind Avtra sought to tactfully blend their years of experience in the domain with in-depth knowledge of engineering award-winning software. The result is Avtra PSS - an offering which enables carriers of all sizes and operating models to operate concurrently with legacy frameworks while being able to pick and choose cutting edge features that address specific needs.

Avtra offers airlines with a suite consisting a gamut of intelligent modules, built using the latest open technologies, and with the ability to be deployed together or individually. Paired with these are an interactive BI engine incorporated in each module, such that all data is intelligently mapped; and personalisation features for engaging closely with the modern connected traveller at each touchpoint. The suite is efficient, reliable, secure and easy-to-use; and its simple customizable rules ensure each airline's unique needs can be catered to with minimal modifications to the core system, ensuring the system implementation schedule is optimised and implementation costs are reduced significantly.

Key Features:
  1. Complete and robust maintenance features
  2. Advanced multi-tiered security & comprehensive audit
  3. Flight Schedules and Inventory Manager meeting all industry requirements,
  4. Complete Fares and Pricing engine developed in close cooperation with experts from low cost airlines and ATPCO
  5. Comprehensive Finance Module, along with Reporting Console
  6. Intuitive GUI for booking and maintenance - access from anywhere from any device
  7. Full Ancillary, Merchandising and E-Commerce Suite
  8. Personalization and recommendation engine backed by predictive analytics
  9. Configurable multiple payment channels including BSP, bank payments and card payments
  10. Commercial management and reporting console
  11. Advanced Business Intelligence Suite and MIS for real-time analytics and insights
  12. Multi-channel seamless direct distribution and traditional full distribution capabilities
  13. Complete stack of APIs for booking as well as for maintenance
  14. IATA NDC Capable
  15. Continuous legacy support - GDS, codeshare and interline connectivity
  16. IATA ET and EMD fully supported
  17. Suitable for all airline operating models, along with seamless multi-airline support
  18. Built using latest trending technologies for ultra high performance and massive scalability
  19. Traditional as well as cloud hosting provisions
  20. Backed by a team of experts familiar with large airline migration projects

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