We offer a Frequent Flyer Programme module which is designed to satisfy and provide all standard loyalty program features. By providing many attractive loyalty management tools within, the system allows airlines to manage, retain and engage with its valuable passengers - ensuring a continuous commercial relationship. The module provides the administration as well as the membership interface (linked with the IBE and the corporate website) and supports fare value, distance and flight segment-based applications as well as combinations of the three.

Our FFP solution provides airlines with the following features:
  1. Configuration based on FFP formats and policies, including membership number format and sequence, flexible number of tiers, restrictions on rescheduling and cancellations per membership tier or for flights paid for partially/fully with miles
  2. Management of members and their virtual and physical cards, automated miles redemption, automated approval/rejection of miles claims and automated miles transfer as per set business rules
  3. Management of family, minor and travel companion accounts
  4. Allows for regular engagement with frequent travellers via FFP promotions, integrated with the product console's campaign module; provides for custom newsletters and email campaign management
  5. Provides for the management of commercial partners/partner cards and distribution of miles to each partner
  6. Offers miles sales and tier upgrades to members

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