Our aviation products are fully integrated with multiple third party systems. The experts in our team have additionally been involved in numerous other integrations via prior engagements. Thus we are open to new integrations and data-sharing with other systems which enable our clients to operate in a world which is becoming more and more connected.

  1. Legacy distribution systems - Our products are fully-integrated with several legacy distribution systems including Amadeus and TravelSky via Type A and Type B communication standards.
  2. Departure control systems- The PSS is connected with all major departure control systems including Amadeus and SITA, via several methods including direct email and SITATEX.
  3. Revenue management systems- To enable airlines to further improve their revenue potentials, we have integrated our PSS with various RMSs. The PSS is fully-synced in near real-time with these systems, ensuring that the decisions taken within these systems are reflected in availability search results almost instantly.
  4. Schedule planning systems- Many airlines are accustomed to utilising a separate system for schedule planning despite many of these features being available in our products.
  5. ERP and Accounting systems - Our systems are fully connected with different ERP and accounting systems in near real-time.
  6. Online Travel Agents - Our systems are connected via API with almost all major OTAs such that our airline clients can reach even more passengers.
  7. Payment partners- Our products are connected with several major payment platforms in different parts of the world to enable our clients to pick and choose a payment partner of their choice.

We are always ready to take on new integrations to enable our clients to explore new opportunities.