State-of-the-art Departure Control System built from the ground up using latest web and mobile technologies, delivering a superior customer experience while maximizing revenue potentials for airlines and airports.

Our DCS enables clients to simplify their airport operations, such that more time and effort could be spent on enhancing passenger experience. Lengthy queues at departure halls have long been a gripe associated with the aviation industry and we aim to reduce the hassle which this causes. Our DCS places a strong focus on the Check-in and Boarding user interfaces, ensuring that passengers could move from arrival at the airport to settling into their seats as efficiently as possible. We also believe that the dynamic nature of the aviation industry means airlines need to be flexible in responding to changes quickly. Thus our DCS includes an advanced Disruption Manager, which ensures passengers could be speedily re-accommodated in the event of delays, aircraft changes and cancellations.

We are also in compliance with CUTE standards, which allows our clients to make use of the common use environments available at airports, while we also support custom printing and scanning equipment. Also included in the DCS is an integrated Weight and Balance module, which makes sure airlines are not only able to operate flights safely, but also at optimum levels of performance.

Key Features:
  1. Intuitive Counter Check-In, Online Check-In, Kiosk Check-In and Boarding interfaces
  2. CUTE ready baggage tag and boarding pass issuance, with support for custom printers and scanners
  3. Innovative Ancillary console, enabling provision of additional services at airports
  4. Comprehensive Flights and Schedules Manager
  5. Seat Manager for trouble-free handling of seat assignment per flight
  6. Advanced Disruption Manager for passenger management during flight delays, aircraft changes and flight cancellations
  7. Through Check-in support for internal connections, with support for inbound and outbound connections from/to partner airlines
  8. Message Receiver and Sender modules supporting all messages including PNL, ADL, PFS, ETL, PRL, PSM and PIL
  9. Lists console comprising extensive collection of lists and reports
  10. APIS Manager for configuring capture of passenger information as per government regulations
  11. Integrated Weight and Balance module
  12. Multi-tiered approach to security, complemented by complete activity tracking

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