ConnectOTA is a web-based highly flexible platform incorporating all aspects of travel agency management from charter flight management and guaranteed hotel booking to any kind of hotel, non-charter flight and trip planning services. It is adequately featured to connect to any other websites or sales platforms serving a B2B or B2C business concept.

ConnectOTA is a very user friendly Sales Platform for the OTAs and Tour Operators to manage their local sales complying them in house strategies.With the Fast growing Tourism market demand and escalated sales strategies for the OTAs; ConnectOTA Platform helps the OTAs to manage their B2B and B2C Sales to promote, complying their strategies, and makes the customers enjoy a pleasant travel experience. With an adequate group of IT experts and professional support team, ConnectOTA expands its features by integrating to unlimited number of websites and service providers through web services which can attend OTA needs and with its easy to use user interface makes the users and customers to have a pleasant experience using the software.

Key features of the product
  1. Web Services Management (flight, hotel, travel services)

             One of the key features of this platform is its capability to be connected to indefinite number of web services seamlessly, as most of the renowned local and foreign web services have already been integrated into the ConnectOTA platform. The agency can connect to any web service it chooses within a matter of seconds just through a click of a button and also define a customized sales strategy for each web service it works with.

  2. Charter Capacity Management (charter flight, guarantee hotel, tour)

             ConnectOTA allows the agencies to share their guaranteed hotels and chartered flights in the platform with any specific customization preferences they desire regarding the price and sales options for each customer group. Also the ability to access other agency’s capacity of charter flights and hotels allows the user to increase their sales capability through better trip packaging options.

  3. Sales Channel Management (B2C, B2B, ConnectOTA Network)

             In this platform, the user can define various customized specifications for each of their users or their sales channels including but not limited to different markup and pricing conditions as well as client line of credit definition. However, the top advantage of this platform lies within the sales network created amongst the various agencies using ConnectOTA which allows for a seamless online marketplace to buy and sell various products between themselves.

  4. Contract Management (credit/cash, upload/download documents)

             ConnectOTA supports sales contract management between the agency and its clients as well as other sister agencies through the line of credit and online payment options. Complete customer information including their profile, purchase history, additional notes and any related contract files can be created in the system. Upon the completion of the client profile and their payment, the agency can then issue all the necessary travel documents within the system.

  5. B2B Client Management (credit/Debit, commission/markup, round-up, permission)

             Client interface customization is a key aspect of this platform. This means that the agencies can define various price markups, payment options (Debit/Credit), and user access limitations for each of their client groups.

  6. Sales Reports (sales, charter, user, comparative)

             ConnectOTA built-in reports helps the leadership team in their decision making process through providing an in depth analysis on KPIs such as sales figures for each product category (flights/hotels), financial report of the contracts, and available and remaining chartered product capacity reports. In addition, the reports also provide details on the sister agency performances through various charts and graph.

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