BI tools are an essential component of modern systems. Actionable insights are invaluable to business of all sizes, and especially so for firms in highly dynamic industries such as travel. We conduct extensive study of the latest developments in BI and incorporate the best of these into our solutions.

BI forms an important part of our solutions and is not just a layer which is added on top of a finished system. Throughout the development of our solutions, beginning from the definition of system architecture, we explore how BI can add more value to each piece of data. This enables us to provide clients with solutions that fully embrace innovative analytics and reporting that can drive strategic decision making.

All our solutions comprise detailed reports, with a multitude of report types and output formats. Users also have the ability to create custom reports consisting the required output fields, using a graphical report builder. Our systems also provide users with smart dashboards which display useful metrics that could be customized by users themselves, which could be used for conveniently monitoring business performance.